Lemon Smoke – The hot new shop


Roll one up and gather round, lads. There is a brand new online shop taking the smoking scene by storm. For years there has not been much choice when it comes to paraphernalia, but Lemon Smoke promised to release a huge range of 350+ different styles of bongs alone! They launched their site a few weeks ago and I took a look today, I was greeted with a huge range of smoking pipes combined with a beautiful website that allows users to buy their bongs online, see for yourself; lemon-smoke.com/bongs.html or just view the screenshot below.


If you are lucky enough to have your medical marijuana card then you should be making use of these bongs for every session you host, after all you need to be aware of these facts. If you do not own a card then you can only buy your bongs for use with legal herbs, or if you appreciate the art and craftsmanship you could rest it on your shelf for your visitors to see it.

If you are thinking about trying Lemon Smoke out and making a purchase then I suggest strongly that you do so quickly, as their big sale ends in the next week. After that you will be looking at full prices again! I hate missing out on a sale myself, so get in there ASAP.

You will also be pleased to hear that LS (Lemon Smoke) have all sorts of technical and more advanced water pipes in their arsenal, along with the classic more simple types for the user who likes to keep things easy. You can also mix and match parts or make modifications later on. So instead of getting bored and buying a brand new piece you can simply make mods to your old one, brilliant!

Why are Online Bong Shops Better than their High Street Counterparts?

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When it comes to the niche market for tobacco and cannabis, there are specialty stores called bong shops such as https://www.herbtools.com/, that cater to the consumers’ needs for different kinds of paraphernalia. Aside from bongs (https://www.herbtools.com/bongs.html) and vaporizers, there are other products, from books to music, related to the culture that can be found in these stores as well.

Consumers have the option to purchase from high street stores, physical retail outlets, or online bong shops. These days, more and more people are patronizing the latter for several reasons, one of which is the increasing dissatisfaction that these buyers are experiencing with high street establishments.

High Street Bong Shops

These particular smoke shops pay for leased spaces, staff, inventories, permits, and all other requirements governments ask from business owners. Because of this, they have no choice but to sell their products at significantly marked up rates to survive month on month.

These places are highly regulated as well. Depending on whether or not cannabis smoking and the like is legalized in the area, these stores may only be permitted to sell a specific inventory of items, resulting to a limited array of product options made available to potential consumers.

These government regulations may also have an effect on aftercare services high street stores offer. One of the most common complaints of consumers is that the stores lack fair return policies for damaged products. With most of these stores not permitted to sell items that promote the use of illegal substances, they also cannot accept damaged bongs with any cannabis residue.

Online Bong Shops

Stores such as HerbTools do not face regulations that are as strict as those imposed upon physical stores. Because of this, they can carry more products in their inventories including items sourced from all over the globe. In doing so, they can provide more options for their consumers to choose from.

Without any costly overheads to worry about, they can sell products, even branded or high end ones, at affordable rates making their business all the more appealing to tobacco and cannabis aficionados. Also, because of the absence of strict regulations, consumers can order specialized paraphernalia that may not currently be available in-store.

Payments are secure, orders and shipments are discreet, and return policies are also more flexible with online head shops, further adding to their charm. It is no wonder why more and more people resort to these online companies for their unique needs.

Where Can You Get Your Own Dab Rigs?

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So, you tried your buddy’s dab rig and you felt that it completely blew your regular old bong out of the water (no pun intended). You actually like vaporizing concentrates than lighting up flowers, you especially like that vaping is much smoother than smoking. Now, you want to get your own dab rig set, but you have no idea where to start looking. Here are a couple of places where you can find dab rigs at affordable prices.

Head shops are probably the most obvious answer to your question. Most head shops nowadays carry dab rig kits that require little to no assembly. The great thing about buying from your local head shop is that you will also get personal advice on choosing the best kit for your particular needs. The downside here is that not all cities allow the sale of dab rigs and the like, so you may have to drive to another city just to find a reputable head shop that has cheap dab rigs for sale like www.concentrate-rigs.com.

You can also find brand new and secondhand dab rigs for sale on Craigslist. You will find many ads posted by people who sell their pre-loved rigs, which often go for less than half the price of brand new ones. However, you need to be careful when transacting with sellers on Craigslist, this is not to say that every one of them are bogus, but some of them really are.

Now, if you’re not too keen about using a dab rig that has been used by who knows how many people, you should just go to online head shops and browse their wares. You can find a plethora of virtual head shops that sells everything that you will ever need. The downside here is that websites will not give professional advice on your purchase, so you really need to do your homework before you buy dab rigs online. One of the most common mistakes online buyers make is buying a glass body with a female connector, and then buying a nail with the same connector as well.
Now that you know have an inkling on where to find dab rigs you can commence your search. We all love a good smoke, but how safe is marijuana? think about it.

Two Basic Reasons Why People Enjoy Smoking From A Bong


A bong is one of the most popular ways of smoking weed. In fact, glass bongs are one of the biggest signs that a person is a real hardcore stoner.

The water pipe is the premier choice for a lot of hardcore smokers. Those new to smoking are often curious why. Here are some of the two most basic reasons why stoners prefer hitting their weed through bongs. But remember, just because you enjoy something doesn’t mean you are addicted!

Why Bongs are Awesome

1. It gives a smoother hit.
Whether it’s through the pipe or a joint, smoking weed can be harsh on a person’s throat and/or lungs. The reason why people get that awful painful sensation in their throat is because of the heat. When people inhale smoke through a joint or a pipe, the smoke’s temperature is actually quite high. It’s the reason why smoking from a joint or pipe, especially for first-timers, can be so rough.

A bong is different simply because the water in it cools down the smoke. Lowering the smoke’s temperature makes for a very mild hit that doesn’t do a lot of damage on a person’s throat or lungs.

2. It makes the owner look like he really knows his stuff.
Some people simply prefer bongs because hey, it makes them look like they really know their stuff. These are the enthusiasts. They are just so into smoking weed that they want to show that off by using a water pipe.

Nothing says that a person is a serious stoner than having a well-maintained and beautifully crafted water pipe.

Why glass bongs are the best choice

Why Glass Bongs are the Best Type of Bong and What are the Several Types to Choose From?

glass bongsA high-quality glass bong is expensive. You want to be able to enjoy its use for a long time. One of the ways you can make this possible is to always keep your bong clean to avoid resin build-up.

Moreover, a dirty bong does not allow you the fresh, enjoyable, and healthy smoke that you get from a sparkling-clean glass bong. To get the finest taste and quality from your weed, make sure that your glass bong is always in clean tip-top shape.

Cultivate the habit of regularly changing the water in your glass bong. Rinse it out, too, so that gunk will not accumulate over time (see details on glass). This way, you save yourself from having to do the heavy-duty clean-up that a filthy gong demands.

glass bongs onlineYou can use a simple salt-and-alcohol solution. Do not dissolve the salt. It is a mild abrasive that works best in its natural form. Do not allow it to clump up in the solution, either. Just add enough, little by little, to make the alcohol cloudy and give the solution time to work on the accumulated resin in your glass bong.

You can also get a ready-to-use commercial cleaning solution and use it as is. No need to use salt or baking powder. The solution already includes an abrasive ingredient.

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Different Parts of a Bong and Why Percolator Bongs are the Best Type of Bong

glass pipes for smoking


Bongs are used by people who smoke weed and tobacco. They are the preferred tool for smoking because of the cool and pure taste of the smoke they produce.

Basic Parts of the Bong:


The bowl is where the weed or tobacco is placed to be burned. Most bongs have detachable bowls. Detachable bowls are called slider bowls.


The downstem is a part of the stem hole that is submerged in water.

Stem hole

The stem hole is attached at the base of the bong. This is where the smoke of the burned weed or tobacco goes through before being filtered in water.


The base is the chamber that is filled with water. This is where the basic filtration process takes place.


The tube is where the filtered weed or tobacco smoke travels for clearing (inhalation). Some tubes have a percolator inside for further filtration.

Other parts that cannot be found in other bongs:


Shotgun hole

It is a hole found on the tube that aids the inhalation of the smoke. It is used instead of a slider.

Ice catcher

The ice catcher allows the smoker to add ice in the bong tube. The ice cools the smoke before inhalation.


The diffuser is a type of a downstem that has holes that aids to cool and expand the smoke.


Like the diffuser, the percolators also aid to cool and expand the smoke. They are found inside the tube. They make the smoke smoother by adding drag to it.

Why percolator bongs are the best type of bong?

Percolators split the smoke in several ways. This makes the smoke smoother by running it over more surface area. Because of this, the smoke produced is smoother, purer and cooler.

Cool Accessories for your Pipe – Bong Bowls

coloured bong bowl
If you have owned your bong for a few weeks, months or even a year. You might of noticed at times sucking the smoke through the bowl into the water chamber was not as easy and smooth as it had once been. Maybe even though you change the water frequently the taste is a little off and you aren’t getting the real fragrance from your herb that you had come to expect. So the reason for the wide time period I gave is purely because it really depends on how much you use your bong. A quick glance at the bong should make it obvious to as why the taste is a little gross, but if you do not have a clear glass pipe it will be much harder to notice the tar built up on the side of the glass. A quick gander at your bong bowl will tell you no matter what colour your bong is though.

Glass bong bowls

The reason your bong bowls need replacing

You should take a look at these bong bowls and allow it to jog your memory of how clean your bong bowl once was! Depending on your chosen herb, there will be a lot of tars and gunk that is left behind every time you empty the bowl. It is easy to think that ash will not clog anything, but hot tar soon builds up and removing it is not an easy task at all. You can check for guides no how to do this but when you see how cheap you can pick up a replacement bong bowl it would just be much easier to treat yourself to a new one.

All though this glass cleaning guide is not related to our favoured bongs, some advice can still be applied. But this guide will not help you remove tars, but to avoid the tar building up is the easiest option if you wish to maintan your bong bowls rather than buying replacements every few months or so (again, depending on use).

Locate the best glass bongs for sale around

Below are a few vital hints about just about every materials various side effects to day-to-day utilization. Even though glass bongs for sale is far fancier compared to any other choices on the marketplace, they are often really easily shattered additionally, the dollars invested can certainly produce a painful loss to every single user.
It’s a recognized indisputable fact that crystal glass results in a much softer smoke which is a lot more bearable for the respiratory system. One other smoking bong would be the solid wood varieties which can be as a consequence of them generally carrying the lowest sale price when compared with alternative water bongs for sale. Staying so easily economical causes them to be a highly purchased product, hence just like any industry this will cause a lot of inventiveness within the suppliers. Not being able to see the actual smoke reach the mouth piece may present an individual a unforeseen shock which might lead to coughing.

The best glass bong you can buy with money

glass percolator bongs
If a person throughout today’s world didn’t know exactly what a tobacco smoking bong looked like, or was utilized for, I would be extremely surprised. Now there are many different forms of bongs which are primarily based on the glass bongs for sale ready to obtain in lots of on the web, and high street, head stores. Once you take a look at merchandise for example the water bong, it’s not easy to recognize that they were formed around the old classic cigarette smoking bong. To offer thanks to the particular bong for digital smoking tools for example the vape may seem far fetched for some.

However getting high with marijuana started with burning it along with finding tools for simpler smoking. Usually, a lot of these bongs do not use h2o to chill the actual smoke. Only water pipes and also bongs take advantage of h2o. A common topic round the different kinds would be to ask which is actually the very best. But for a result you will have to be specific to what you think to be the greatest. The very fact you are on this website looking through signifies that you’re probably unsure as to what to commit your cash in to, well I have a lot practical knowledge along with advise to offer therefore stay and consider it

The next sort of tobacco smoking bong I want to discuss is the most pricey and most popular choice, the translucent glass bubbler. These are a spin off through the normal types of tobacco smoking bongs which make usage of water. They’ll function in the same way any bong does, in the manner that the downstem transfers the smoke to the base of your holding chamber and lets it to escape and elevate through the normal water. Almost any tobacco smoking method making use of drinking water is often better than one that does not. That is certainly one other reason for the bubbler remaining a well-liked preference amid lots of stoners. Prior to runing out and demand to look at your smoke merchants collection of water pipes, you must think of the expense and just what you desire to obtain for that amount spent. Obviously, handcrafted cyrstal glass by a expert and knowledgeable professional will almost certainly amount to a great deal.

Are Cannabis Seeds Legal to Buy in the UK

There have been a plethora of changes, especially within the last 5 years, regarding the legalities of cannabis in the United States. While some states have adopted lenient approval, others uphold strict standards and laws stating that marijuana is a controlled drug that is both illegal to possess as well as illegal to use. Growing and manufacturing weed is considered a major crime in some states, while in others it contributes to millions of dollars’ worth of taxable revenue that has been used to promote statewide endeavors that range from education to transportation. Regardless if your current state has legalized cannabis or not, many people still wonder, is it legal to buy marijuana seeds?


First and foremost, it is important to understand that marijuana seeds can be used for more than just the obvious practice of cultivating plants. Because the seeds themselves have a variety of uses, the legalities of possessing seeds are somewhat ambiguous.

It doesn’t help that federal and state laws do not always complement each other. While buying marijuana seeds might be legal per the state of Colorado, the federal government still deems this against national law. Because these types of crimes are typically up to state and local governments to regulate, if your state and local authorities do not consider cannabis seeds uk an illegal entity, the chance for legal action is very small. The most efficient way to determine if buying marijuana seeds is going to get you in trouble is to conduct a thorough search of your state’s specific laws and regulations regarding marijuana possession.

Consumers should be aware that many states consider seeds to be a key manufacturing ingredient, so if you aren’t careful, charges could escalate into intent to cultivate – that is, if your state has not legalized medicinal use of marijuana. If you live in a state that has approved a doctor’s prescription for weed, chances are, that state has also designated a certain amount of marijuana that is acceptable for in-home cultivation. If you intend to cultivate or manufacture with the intent to sell to dispensaries, you need the appropriate approval and licensure to do so.

‘Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds?’ is a frequent question asked on public forums that are dedicated to discussing cannabis. These platforms are a great resource for learning about others’ first-hand experiences regarding secure purchases, legal action, and acquisition success.

Many buyers have reported personal anecdotes stating that marijuana seeds are ok to possess as long as they are not being used for cultivation or processes which are specifically designed to extract THC and other intrinsic properties of the plant. Seeds may be a great addition to a historic or exotic collection. They have been approved for used as an additive in animal food and bait. They can also be roasted and potentially ground as a natural source of healthy proteins and amino acids.


Because federal law prohibits marijuana in general, if a shipment arrives in the United States from a foreign country, it is more likely to be confiscated by customs. Despite the fact that many US consumers have successfully obtained marijuana seeds from outside sources, there is still a chance that your shipment will be seized.

Most patrons report no legal action simply because there are several ways that a buyer can dodge accusations and the crime itself is somewhat petty in the grand scheme of federal concern. The take home message is to thoroughly explore your state’s specific laws regarding the legalities of marijuana seeds and to reach out to other people who have had first-hand experience themselves.



The best and easiest ways to smoke marijuana

It is easy to forget how confusing cannabis can be to the non experienced newcomer. I remember back when I was a rookie I thought everyone smoked the leaves, I had no idea what bud actually was! With the visual aspects aside there was a whole new confusion; how to actually get high! I found an awesome how to smoke weed guide online pretty similar to the one I just linked too, I took the advice and switched from failing to roll a joint to using bongs… I never looked back!

The simplest & easiest way to Smoke Marijuana
I had managed to roll a joint that was capable of smoking only a handful of times and whenever I ‘hit’ it I ended up coughing and feeling uncomfortable with my soar throat and cramped lungs. As gross as it sounds, it is not healthy and can easily put off a person from smoking again. The amazing thing I found with bongs is that I could barely feel the smoke entering my mouth, so the first time I did end up getting higher than anticipated! But after I learnt to control the smoke output I got the recipe perfect. I haven’t tried adding ice but I see a lot of hype on the yahoo forums about how much better the taste is. I plan on trying out the ice sometime this month once my new novelty shaped ice tray arrives. Don’t forget that you can even add flavored water to your bong for extra taste.

The old fashioned roll up or the bong
After a night on and way too many whiskey and cokes inside of me I thought it would be a good idea to score some smoke with a friend. We succeeded and headed over to the local church to light up and chill, but it had been a long time since I had experienced a coughing choke out brought up by smoking weed and in my drunken mess I took three big puffs and began one of the worst experiences in my life. I ended up throwing up violently and my mouth tasted like sick and stale smoke, mixed with a little tobacco as my friend likes to use that. It was nothing like the smooth hits from my bong, that is for sure.

The interesting thing was that I had a friend who struggled to not cough when smoking, but after ignoring the problem he ‘smoked through it’.

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