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This question gets asked every single day from regions all over the world. Many people who smoke and enjoy marijuana can be confused as to why it is illegal, they may know people who have used the plant for over ten years on a daily basis, with no addiction or damage to their body. While this is happening, other people are out there using horrible products such as nicotine and tobacco, doing permanent damage that often leads to fatal results.

How can it be that we are not given legal access to a natural herb that has been documented to be used in human life for 1000’s of years?

Is it a conspiracy that weed is illegal? Or is the old time excuse that “we don’t know enough about it” really true? More and more health benefits are coming to the light, and with states in the USA and Uruguay legalizing the herb, could it be that we have been lied to for years and years? From clothes to fuel, marijuanas sister plant ‘hemp’ can provide all. Give the video below a watch and see for yourself.

After viewing the YouTube video I recommend that you take to google and put in a few hemp related searches, there is limitless information you can access, all free of charge. Now go, go spread the word that hemp will save our planet!


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