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We’re all very well aware that marijuana’s medicinal uses are very effective for folks of all ages, but I just want to give a quick shout out to the cooking experts that are constantly coming up with new and interesting ways to incorporate cannabis into edibles. This allows individuals to enjoy and reap the benefits of weed without having to smoke it. Although I’m definitely a huge fan of smoking, I’m also a huge fan of alternative methods that are appropriate, realistic, and safe for kids and older folks.



From gummies to suckers, creative chefs have given a whole new face to cannabis use. Kids with epilepsy and other hard to manage medical diagnoses can not only experience the healing and therapeutic effects of cannabinoids, but they can enjoy themselves while doing it thanks to these guys who work so hard in the kitchen. My hat is off to them. Seriously.

If sweets aren’t your thing, don’t worry my friend. Cannabis butter and oils can be incorporated into crackers, granola bars, drinks and pretty much anything under the sun. Regardless if you have a picky palette, edibles are available in a wide array of items that are not only delicious, but effective at delivering potent and powerful amounts of CBDs and other cannabinoids.

If you’ve ever been in a situation when smoking from your pipe or favorite bong just isn’t an option, having an edible on hand is the perfect way to satisfy your cannabis craving. Edibles are portable and incredibly discrete. In fact, most people would never even know that marijuana is even involved after tasting some of the incredible concoctions that have been put together by edible pros.

As a fellow proponent of the marijuana industry, I think it’s only appropriate that we applaud everyone in the business that is trying to pave the path to acceptance for this phenomenal plant.


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