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This is the story of how me and my cousins made the most boring family gathering ever into the best adventure we could ever have since living in the suburbs wasn’t exactly what one would call ‘tomb-raider adventure’. This happened in the last family gathering. I have always dreaded family gatherings. Even though most of my cousins are of the same age as me, we haven’t always been in talking terms because most of them were just too busy with their gadgets.

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What happened had happed after I had discovered the oldest cousin, Charlie- a part of the host family, smoking in the backyard. I didn’t particularly mean any harm and would have quietly turned away and left him at peace had he not offered to give me something in return of keeping silent about it to our family. Not that, I was planning on telling on him anyway, but I couldn’t help but grab my chance. I decided it was finally time I would smoke my first cigarette and so I asked him to lend me one. At this, a wide grin spread across his face and he offered, “You, my friend, are in for something better since I’m in a good mood”.

It was only when he took me to his room and brought out the huge glass piece he got from the bong shop, out of his closet that I understood what the “something better”. Exactly then, my two other cousins- the twins Ron and Betty- burst into the room yelling about how it was the holder’s turn to complete the game. At the sight of me and Charlie with the bong in his hand, their eyes widened and a split second later, they grinned. “We seem to have walked in on treasure”.

Half an hour later, we were sitting crowding around the bong in one hidden patch in our backyard. It was Charlie who set up the apparatus and brought in the cannabis. We were extremely full with anticipation and Betty was the one who took the first go. She did it almost like a professional and had Ron not mocked her about showing off her non-existent skills at the bong, we would probably never have guessed.


The session continued for the next two hours in which we pulled on the bong and spoke about how we should hang out more and “feelings”. However, after almost an hour after our session, we heard familiar calls of our family members. We quickly scrambled up and pushed the bong inside a particularly dense bush. When the calls were nearing, Charlie sprang out of the bush while the rest of us stayed hidden. We heard him explaining to the other members of the family the unknown tale of how we were playing hide and seek and that they were “ruining the game” as the others seemed impressed at our ‘fraternity’.

The rest of the day went uneventful but all I can say is that since that day, we cousins have had a much closer relationship.


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