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It was all planned out. I, Kirsten, Martha and Julie were aspiring writers and apparently writers needed to have firsthand experience of few of the things that they wanted to write about. For us, it was an excuse to try out cannabis smoking. So we donated a quite sum of money and bought a cheap plastic bong off eBay (this would be our one-time experiment only after all!). Finding the dried cannabis was a bit of an issue for us since we really didn’t want any other person to be involved in this but in the end we had to ask ‘shady Allen’ for it- the guy well known throughout the school for doing the most shady stuff. Needless to say, we had to pay quite a sum there too, but then it was all for the sake of or aspirations after all.triangle glass bowl

So, we had set tent at Martha’s whose house was located in the topmost floors of the buildings in the midst of the city. Her house was chosen especially because her parents were both business people and were out for the week for “handling some important business deals”. The was the best time for me to find the cheapest plastic bong online that I could get hold of, I did think about going for glass but I was tight on money at this time.

We were a little spooked but extremely excited at the same time. Since we belonged to a high profile and relatively conservative family, we hadn’t really been in the company of people who had smoked cannabis but then again- anything for the sake of the story.

We had Googled the ways of using a bong and we had also Wikipedia’d all the possible precautions that could be taken. As we lighted the dried cannabis on the nuzzle of the bong, we looked at each other. Kirsten was the first to take a pull at it. When she showed no noticeable change, we all took one pull. In the first pull itself, I felt an immense clearing of clouds in my head but there wasn’t much else.

However, soon after we had all taken around five pulls at it each, I felt a definite lowering of my inhibition. All of us had sudden realizations dawned upon us. Till date I am not sure if this is a commonly occurring phenomenon but it was like we had achieved a greater understanding of what weighed most heavily on us. For me, being a writer seemed to be the easiest thing to do and I had a crystal clear plot in my mind. As about Kirsten, she had suddenly realized that her boyfriend had been cheating on her. While Martha didn’t have any sudden burst of understanding, Julie finally figured out what password her mother had set on her computer to lessen her use of it.

After the day, we decided that as fun as it had been we’d refrain from doing it again because of the dangerous level of self-independence it provided and that, one of us would keep the bong with themselves forever for any future “planned cannabis session”. I sometimes open my closet to look at it and close it, just for the sake of it.


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