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coloured bong bowl
If you have owned your bong for a few weeks, months or even a year. You might of noticed at times sucking the smoke through the bowl into the water chamber was not as easy and smooth as it had once been. Maybe even though you change the water frequently the taste is a little off and you aren’t getting the real fragrance from your herb that you had come to expect. So the reason for the wide time period I gave is purely because it really depends on how much you use your bong. A quick glance at the bong should make it obvious to as why the taste is a little gross, but if you do not have a clear glass pipe it will be much harder to notice the tar built up on the side of the glass. A quick gander at your bong bowl will tell you no matter what colour your bong is though.

Glass bong bowls

The reason your bong bowls need replacing

You should take a look at these bong bowls and allow it to jog your memory of how clean your bong bowl once was! Depending on your chosen herb, there will be a lot of tars and gunk that is left behind every time you empty the bowl. It is easy to think that ash will not clog anything, but hot tar soon builds up and removing it is not an easy task at all. You can check for guides no how to do this but when you see how cheap you can pick up a replacement bong bowl it would just be much easier to treat yourself to a new one.

All though this glass cleaning guide is not related to our favoured bongs, some advice can still be applied. But this guide will not help you remove tars, but to avoid the tar building up is the easiest option if you wish to maintan your bong bowls rather than buying replacements every few months or so (again, depending on use).


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