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Roll one up and gather round, lads. There is a brand new online shop taking the smoking scene by storm. For years there has not been much choice when it comes to paraphernalia, but Lemon Smoke promised to release a huge range of 350+ different styles of bongs alone! They launched their site a few weeks ago and I took a look today, I was greeted with a huge range of smoking pipes combined with a beautiful website that allows users to buy their bongs online, see for yourself; or just view the screenshot below.


If you are lucky enough to have your medical marijuana card then you should be making use of these bongs for every session you host, after all you need to be aware of these facts. If you do not own a card then you can only buy your bongs for use with legal herbs, or if you appreciate the art and craftsmanship you could rest it on your shelf for your visitors to see it.

If you are thinking about trying Lemon Smoke out and making a purchase then I suggest strongly that you do so quickly, as their big sale ends in the next week. After that you will be looking at full prices again! I hate missing out on a sale myself, so get in there ASAP.

You will also be pleased to hear that LS (Lemon Smoke) have all sorts of technical and more advanced water pipes in their arsenal, along with the classic more simple types for the user who likes to keep things easy. You can also mix and match parts or make modifications later on. So instead of getting bored and buying a brand new piece you can simply make mods to your old one, brilliant!


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