Homelaw-legalWhy is buying a glass bong so popular


I’ve always opted on locating glass bongs for sale over other materials, but I never really asked myself why. It was a conscious decision that I had made a while ago as I have tried both plastic and ceramic types in the past, and I knew straight away that glass kicked their ass’. But why? I wore my thinking cap for a bit and came to a few solid conclusions for my decision.

Glass bongs are not just fancy to look at, but they are a true form of creative art. It takes a splash of talent and a lot of experience to create one of these, they aren’t just formed in a machine like others. When you buy one you don’t just get an effective pipe to smoke out of, but a piece of art that someone has put hard work into.

They create a far superior smoke. The glass allows the smoke to roll over it’s surface in such a way that it flows beautifully up the neck of the pipe and delivers a much smoother smoke. The natural properties of glass allows it stay stay cooler than other materials.

There is lots of personal reasons that appeal to me as well, but I just wanted to stick to the solid facts for this post. If you want something a bit more advanced then read about percolator bongs.

So now you know what makes these pipes so much better than any other, you can go a head and buy one for yourself at bong-hits.com/bongs-for-sale/glass.html/

Unsure about the laws in your home town? Maybe these types of products aren’t legal. Keep an eye out of Marijuana news and changes to goverment laws.


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