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Making purchase of your first bong is scary, you can stop putting on a brave face and let the fear take over! It is a jungle out there with many possible outcomes. You could get ripped off and end up with a pile of broken glass, or just nothing at all. It is so important that everyone does their research before they buy a bong. Whilst it can be scary as previously explained, it can also be very rewarding, exciting and pleasant. But this all revolves around one single aspect. What bong shop did you use to place your order? We have a nice list of helpful guides which list the very best shops to make your purchase.

Legal guidelines

There are a few things to consider before you go over to our help guides, whilst bongs are used for ornaments and plenty of different legal herbs, some states and countries feel a bit different. These smoking tools can be completely illegal in a few places, you really need to be aware of this before trying to get hold of one. Also age limits do apply. Everywhere is different but they are classed as tobacco products so normally it will be the same age as smoking. One other thing, are you healthy? if you have breathing problems then inhaling big smoke clouds is not a good idea.

Who can help purchase bongs

So I’ve already linked you to a few of our previous guides above, but there are some other 3rd party perspectives that could be of big help when finding bongs for sale online. See also http://glass-bongs.weebly.com/home/july-09th-2015 for many different articles on the subject of cannabis & other herbs smoking. Both of these guides link to a few different really shops that will have everything you require.



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