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the pen vaporizer i purchased
See her above in all her glory! I am proud to behold, my brand new pen vaporizer. With only a week of vaping under my belt I am still really stoked about how ideal owning one of these products is. I just throw this little bad boy in my pocket and off I go. I’ve already come up with a little trick to make maintenance and functionality easier. Instead of grinding your herb you should pick it apart in to smallish bits. That way it does not get stuck to the vape screen as quickly. I’ve been using it a lot and this has made a huge difference. Try it out!

vape bits

I love how my pen vaporizer arrived with a whole selection of accessories and helpful tools. Even a maintenance brush for cleaning out the herb chamber! The little pincers are perfect for getting all the old herb out. Another big benefit to this one I bought is that it can be charged via USB, so whether I am at work, in the car or at a festival (power bank), I can charge up my vape. Battery life is pretty decent, I’ve heard about many others only lasting 4ish heat ups. This one goes all day on a full charge.

Where did I buy the pen vaporizer?

I had to give credit to the online store I used as they were incredibly patient with my questions and recommended this one to me. So shout out to – check out their selection of pen vaporizers & more. They will seriously change your life.


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