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Why is buying a glass bong so popular


I’ve always opted on locating glass bongs for sale over other materials, but I never really asked myself why. It was a conscious decision that I had made a while ago as I have tried both plastic and ceramic types in the past, and I knew straight away that glass kicked their ass’. But why? I wore my thinking cap for a bit and came to a few solid conclusions for my decision.

Glass bongs are not just fancy to look at, but they are a true form of creative art. It takes a splash of talent and a lot of experience to create one of these, they aren’t just formed in a machine like others. When you buy one you don’t just get an effective pipe to smoke out of, but a piece of art that someone has put hard work into.

They create a far superior smoke. The glass allows the smoke to roll over it’s surface in such a way that it flows beautifully up the neck of the pipe and delivers a much smoother smoke. The natural properties of glass allows it stay stay cooler than other materials.

There is lots of personal reasons that appeal to me as well, but I just wanted to stick to the solid facts for this post. If you want something a bit more advanced then read about percolator bongs.

So now you know what makes these pipes so much better than any other, you can go a head and buy one for yourself at

Unsure about the laws in your home town? Maybe these types of products aren’t legal. Keep an eye out of Marijuana news and changes to goverment laws.

Why are Online Bong Shops Better than their High Street Counterparts?

bong shop

When it comes to the niche market for tobacco and cannabis, there are specialty stores called bong shops such as, that cater to the consumers’ needs for different kinds of paraphernalia. Aside from bongs ( and vaporizers, there are other products, from books to music, related to the culture that can be found in these stores as well.

Consumers have the option to purchase from high street stores, physical retail outlets, or online bong shops. These days, more and more people are patronizing the latter for several reasons, one of which is the increasing dissatisfaction that these buyers are experiencing with high street establishments.

High Street Bong Shops

These particular smoke shops pay for leased spaces, staff, inventories, permits, and all other requirements governments ask from business owners. Because of this, they have no choice but to sell their products at significantly marked up rates to survive month on month.

These places are highly regulated as well. Depending on whether or not cannabis smoking and the like is legalized in the area, these stores may only be permitted to sell a specific inventory of items, resulting to a limited array of product options made available to potential consumers.

These government regulations may also have an effect on aftercare services high street stores offer. One of the most common complaints of consumers is that the stores lack fair return policies for damaged products. With most of these stores not permitted to sell items that promote the use of cannabis, they also cannot accept damaged bongs with any cannabis residue.

Online Bong Shops

Stores such as HerbTools do not face regulations that are as strict as those imposed upon physical stores. Because of this, they can carry more products in their inventories including items sourced from all over the globe. In doing so, they can provide more options for their consumers to choose from.

Without any costly overheads to worry about, they can sell products, even branded or high end ones, at affordable rates making their business all the more appealing to tobacco and cannabis aficionados. Also, because of the absence of strict regulations, consumers can order specialized paraphernalia that may not currently be available in-store.

Payments are secure, orders and shipments are discreet, and return policies are also more flexible with online head shops, further adding to their charm. It is no wonder why more and more people resort to these online companies for their unique needs. So, you might be interested in getting your hands on one of these pipes. A personal favorite of mine would be a great place to start –

Are Cannabis Seeds Legal to Buy in the UK

There have been a plethora of changes, especially within the last 5 years, regarding the legalities of cannabis in the United States. While some states have adopted lenient approval, others uphold strict standards and laws stating that marijuana is a controlled drug that is both illegal to possess as well as illegal to use. Growing and manufacturing weed is considered a major crime in some states, while in others it contributes to millions of dollars’ worth of taxable revenue that has been used to promote statewide endeavors that range from education to transportation. Regardless if your current state has legalized cannabis or not, many people still wonder, is it legal to buy marijuana seeds?


First and foremost, it is important to understand that marijuana seeds can be used for more than just the obvious practice of cultivating plants. Because the seeds themselves have a variety of uses, the legalities of possessing seeds are somewhat ambiguous.

It doesn’t help that federal and state laws do not always complement each other. While buying marijuana seeds might be legal per the state of Colorado, the federal government still deems this against national law. Because these types of crimes are typically up to state and local governments to regulate, if your state and local authorities do not consider cannabis seeds uk an illegal entity, the chance for legal action is very small. The most efficient way to determine if buying marijuana seeds is going to get you in trouble is to conduct a thorough search of your state’s specific laws and regulations regarding marijuana possession.

Consumers should be aware that many states consider seeds to be a key manufacturing ingredient, so if you aren’t careful, charges could escalate into intent to cultivate – that is, if your state has not legalized medicinal use of marijuana. If you live in a state that has approved a doctor’s prescription for weed, chances are, that state has also designated a certain amount of marijuana that is acceptable for in-home cultivation. If you intend to cultivate or manufacture with the intent to sell to dispensaries, you need the appropriate approval and licensure to do so.

‘Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds?’ is a frequent question asked on public forums that are dedicated to discussing cannabis. These platforms are a great resource for learning about others’ first-hand experiences regarding secure purchases, legal action, and acquisition success.

Many buyers have reported personal anecdotes stating that marijuana seeds are ok to possess as long as they are not being used for cultivation or processes which are specifically designed to extract THC and other intrinsic properties of the plant. Seeds may be a great addition to a historic or exotic collection. They have been approved for used as an additive in animal food and bait. They can also be roasted and potentially ground as a natural source of healthy proteins and amino acids.


Because federal law prohibits marijuana in general, if a shipment arrives in the United States from a foreign country, it is more likely to be confiscated by customs. Despite the fact that many US consumers have successfully obtained marijuana seeds from outside sources, there is still a chance that your shipment will be seized.

Most patrons report no legal action simply because there are several ways that a buyer can dodge accusations and the crime itself is somewhat petty in the grand scheme of federal concern. The take home message is to thoroughly explore your state’s specific laws regarding the legalities of marijuana seeds and to reach out to other people who have had first-hand experience themselves.