Are Cannabis Seeds Legal to Buy in the UK

There have been a plethora of changes, especially within the last 5 years, regarding the legalities of cannabis in the United States. While some states have adopted lenient approval, others uphold strict standards and laws stating that marijuana is a controlled drug that is both illegal to possess as well as illegal to use. Growing and manufacturing weed is considered a major crime in some states, while in others it contributes to millions of dollars’ worth of taxable revenue that has been used to promote statewide endeavors that range from education to transportation. Regardless if your current state has legalized cannabis or not, many people still wonder, is it legal to buy marijuana seeds?


First and foremost, it is important to understand that marijuana seeds can be used for more than just the obvious practice of cultivating plants. Because the seeds themselves have a variety of uses, the legalities of possessing seeds are somewhat ambiguous.

It doesn’t help that federal and state laws do not always complement each other. While buying marijuana seeds might be legal per the state of Colorado, the federal government still deems this against national law. Because these types of crimes are typically up to state and local governments to regulate, if your state and local authorities do not consider cannabis seeds uk an illegal entity, the chance for legal action is very small. The most efficient way to determine if buying marijuana seeds is going to get you in trouble is to conduct a thorough search of your state’s specific laws and regulations regarding marijuana possession.

Consumers should be aware that many states consider seeds to be a key manufacturing ingredient, so if you aren’t careful, charges could escalate into intent to cultivate – that is, if your state has not legalized medicinal use of marijuana. If you live in a state that has approved a doctor’s prescription for weed, chances are, that state has also designated a certain amount of marijuana that is acceptable for in-home cultivation. If you intend to cultivate or manufacture with the intent to sell to dispensaries, you need the appropriate approval and licensure to do so.

‘Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds?’ is a frequent question asked on public forums that are dedicated to discussing cannabis. These platforms are a great resource for learning about others’ first-hand experiences regarding secure purchases, legal action, and acquisition success.

Many buyers have reported personal anecdotes stating that marijuana seeds are ok to possess as long as they are not being used for cultivation or processes which are specifically designed to extract THC and other intrinsic properties of the plant. Seeds may be a great addition to a historic or exotic collection. They have been approved for used as an additive in animal food and bait. They can also be roasted and potentially ground as a natural source of healthy proteins and amino acids.


Because federal law prohibits marijuana in general, if a shipment arrives in the United States from a foreign country, it is more likely to be confiscated by customs. Despite the fact that many US consumers have successfully obtained marijuana seeds from outside sources, there is still a chance that your shipment will be seized.

Most patrons report no legal action simply because there are several ways that a buyer can dodge accusations and the crime itself is somewhat petty in the grand scheme of federal concern. The take home message is to thoroughly explore your state’s specific laws regarding the legalities of marijuana seeds and to reach out to other people who have had first-hand experience themselves.



The best and easiest ways to smoke marijuana

It is easy to forget how confusing cannabis can be to the non experienced newcomer. I remember back when I was a rookie I thought everyone smoked the leaves, I had no idea what bud actually was! With the visual aspects aside there was a whole new confusion; how to actually get high! I found an awesome how to smoke weed guide online pretty similar to the one I just linked too, I took the advice and switched from failing to roll a joint to using bongs… I never looked back!

The simplest & easiest way to Smoke Marijuana
I had managed to roll a joint that was capable of smoking only a handful of times and whenever I ‘hit’ it I ended up coughing and feeling uncomfortable with my soar throat and cramped lungs. As gross as it sounds, it is not healthy and can easily put off a person from smoking again. The amazing thing I found with bongs is that I could barely feel the smoke entering my mouth, so the first time I did end up getting higher than anticipated! But after I learnt to control the smoke output I got the recipe perfect. I haven’t tried adding ice but I see a lot of hype on the yahoo forums about how much better the taste is. I plan on trying out the ice sometime this month once my new novelty shaped ice tray arrives. Don’t forget that you can even add flavored water to your bong for extra taste.

The old fashioned roll up or the bong
After a night on and way too many whiskey and cokes inside of me I thought it would be a good idea to score some smoke with a friend. We succeeded and headed over to the local church to light up and chill, but it had been a long time since I had experienced a coughing choke out brought up by smoking weed and in my drunken mess I took three big puffs and began one of the worst experiences in my life. I ended up throwing up violently and my mouth tasted like sick and stale smoke, mixed with a little tobacco as my friend likes to use that. It was nothing like the smooth hits from my bong, that is for sure.

The interesting thing was that I had a friend who struggled to not cough when smoking, but after ignoring the problem he ‘smoked through it’.

Our Planned Cannabis Session

It was all planned out. I, Kirsten, Martha and Julie were aspiring writers and apparently writers needed to have firsthand experience of few of the things that they wanted to write about. For us, it was an excuse to try out cannabis smoking. So we donated a quite sum of money and bought a cheap plastic bong off eBay (this would be our one-time experiment only after all!). Finding the dried cannabis was a bit of an issue for us since we really didn’t want any other person to be involved in this but in the end we had to ask ‘shady Allen’ for it- the guy well known throughout the school for doing the most shady stuff. Needless to say, we had to pay quite a sum there too, but then it was all for the sake of or aspirations after all.triangle glass bowl

So, we had set tent at Martha’s whose house was located in the topmost floors of the buildings in the midst of the city. Her house was chosen especially because her parents were both business people and were out for the week for “handling some important business deals”. The was the best time for me to find the cheapest plastic bong online that I could get hold of, I did think about going for glass but I was tight on money at this time.

We were a little spooked but extremely excited at the same time. Since we belonged to a high profile and relatively conservative family, we hadn’t really been in the company of people who had smoked cannabis but then again- anything for the sake of the story.

We had Googled the ways of using a bong and we had also Wikipedia’d all the possible precautions that could be taken. As we lighted the dried cannabis on the nuzzle of the bong, we looked at each other. Kirsten was the first to take a pull at it. When she showed no noticeable change, we all took one pull. In the first pull itself, I felt an immense clearing of clouds in my head but there wasn’t much else.

However, soon after we had all taken around five pulls at it each, I felt a definite lowering of my inhibition. All of us had sudden realizations dawned upon us. Till date I am not sure if this is a commonly occurring phenomenon but it was like we had achieved a greater understanding of what weighed most heavily on us. For me, being a writer seemed to be the easiest thing to do and I had a crystal clear plot in my mind. As about Kirsten, she had suddenly realized that her boyfriend had been cheating on her. While Martha didn’t have any sudden burst of understanding, Julie finally figured out what password her mother had set on her computer to lessen her use of it.

After the day, we decided that as fun as it had been we’d refrain from doing it again because of the dangerous level of self-independence it provided and that, one of us would keep the bong with themselves forever for any future “planned cannabis session”. I sometimes open my closet to look at it and close it, just for the sake of it.

Our Daring Bong Session

This is the story of how me and my cousins made the most boring family gathering ever into the best adventure we could ever have since living in the suburbs wasn’t exactly what one would call ‘tomb-raider adventure’. This happened in the last family gathering. I have always dreaded family gatherings. Even though most of my cousins are of the same age as me, we haven’t always been in talking terms because most of them were just too busy with their gadgets.

cannabis plants

What happened had happed after I had discovered the oldest cousin, Charlie- a part of the host family, smoking in the backyard. I didn’t particularly mean any harm and would have quietly turned away and left him at peace had he not offered to give me something in return of keeping silent about it to our family. Not that, I was planning on telling on him anyway, but I couldn’t help but grab my chance. I decided it was finally time I would smoke my first cigarette and so I asked him to lend me one. At this, a wide grin spread across his face and he offered, “You, my friend, are in for something better since I’m in a good mood”.

It was only when he took me to his room and brought out the huge glass piece he got from the bong shop, out of his closet that I understood what the “something better”. Exactly then, my two other cousins- the twins Ron and Betty- burst into the room yelling about how it was the holder’s turn to complete the game. At the sight of me and Charlie with the bong in his hand, their eyes widened and a split second later, they grinned. “We seem to have walked in on treasure”.

Half an hour later, we were sitting crowding around the bong in one hidden patch in our backyard. It was Charlie who set up the apparatus and brought in the cannabis. We were extremely full with anticipation and Betty was the one who took the first go. She did it almost like a professional and had Ron not mocked her about showing off her non-existent skills at the bong, we would probably never have guessed.


The session continued for the next two hours in which we pulled on the bong and spoke about how we should hang out more and “feelings”. However, after almost an hour after our session, we heard familiar calls of our family members. We quickly scrambled up and pushed the bong inside a particularly dense bush. When the calls were nearing, Charlie sprang out of the bush while the rest of us stayed hidden. We heard him explaining to the other members of the family the unknown tale of how we were playing hide and seek and that they were “ruining the game” as the others seemed impressed at our ‘fraternity’.

The rest of the day went uneventful but all I can say is that since that day, we cousins have had a much closer relationship.

Unsung Marijuana Heroes

Perhaps one of the most inspiring marijuana success stories comes from a pint sized little girl known as Charlie Figi, or Charlotte, as stated on her birth certificate. Charlie’s story has been heard around the world, featured on CNN, highlighted by the acclaimed medical doctor Sanjay Gupta and the list goes on and on and on. She is the inspiration for a popular marijuana strain that has been commonly used to treat a variety of cancers and epileptic conditions.

Charlotte’s Web is a strain of cannabis that features high levels of CBD and low levels of THC. success for cannabisUltimately, I am here to applaud her parents. As a mother myself, I cannot fathom the level of scrutiny and judgment that the Figi family has received in regards to their blatant support and publicity given to their success with medical marijuana. After thoroughly reviewing their situation, it absolutely breaks my heart that this family had a potential cure dangling from a branch on the tree of life, but it was just out of reach. Not to mention, law enforcement had built an impermeable blockade around this tree, keeping the Figi’s as well as many other deserving families from legally taking advantage of this treatment option.

Not only was this family dealt a very scary and unfair hand when it came to Charlie’s severe epilepsy, but they were also forced to completely uproot their lives in order to legally obtain the medication that has significantly improved Charlotte’s seizure activity, and their ability to enjoy her childhood. Luckily, nonprofit organizations like Realm of Caring exist to educate and provide resources for families using medicinal marijuana. These amazing groups of people have come together to offer priceless services and support that continue to change lives with the phenomenal health benefits of cannabis. If you would like the chance to contribute or make a difference, consider donating to this remarkable cause.

Shout Out to the Chefs

We’re all very well aware that marijuana’s medicinal uses are very effective for folks of all ages, but I just want to give a quick shout out to the cooking experts that are constantly coming up with new and interesting ways to incorporate cannabis into edibles. This allows individuals to enjoy and reap the benefits of weed without having to smoke it. Although I’m definitely a huge fan of smoking, I’m also a huge fan of alternative methods that are appropriate, realistic, and safe for kids and older folks.



From gummies to suckers, creative chefs have given a whole new face to cannabis use. Kids with epilepsy and other hard to manage medical diagnoses can not only experience the healing and therapeutic effects of cannabinoids, but they can enjoy themselves while doing it thanks to these guys who work so hard in the kitchen. My hat is off to them. Seriously.

If sweets aren’t your thing, don’t worry my friend. Cannabis butter and oils can be incorporated into crackers, granola bars, drinks and pretty much anything under the sun. Regardless if you have a picky palette, edibles are available in a wide array of items that are not only delicious, but effective at delivering potent and powerful amounts of CBDs and other cannabinoids.

If you’ve ever been in a situation when smoking from your pipe or favorite bong just isn’t an option, having an edible on hand is the perfect way to satisfy your cannabis craving. Edibles are portable and incredibly discrete. In fact, most people would never even know that marijuana is even involved after tasting some of the incredible concoctions that have been put together by edible pros.

As a fellow proponent of the marijuana industry, I think it’s only appropriate that we applaud everyone in the business that is trying to pave the path to acceptance for this phenomenal plant.

Numb and Number

I’ve tried some good stuff from all over the world, with the funny stories that go along. There was Matanuskan Thunderfuck when I spent a season on a salmon boat in Alaska. There was New Zealand Numb & Dumb when I worked picking apples and milking cows in Kiwi land. And there was the killer hashish that I had when I sold curb numbers door to door in Sydney, Australia. All them were good times, yee-tah! But of the three, I have to say that the one which produced the most interesting story about smoking marijuana with friends was New Zealand.

For those who don’t know, the Maori, the collective name for the indigenous people of New Zealand, are a fierce blend of people much like the Native Americans; only with a Polynesian flare, similar to Hawaiians. They closely guard their secrets, even though they have been modernized and melded into society by a very progressive government. They live and work among the white people peacefully and equally, fully integrated, and not on reservations like American Indians do. However, they live on little encampments that preserve their ancient traditions and way of life as it has been for centuries. No white man is allowed onto these “Marai.” Unless, like me, they are invited.

How did I get invited onto a Marai? I don’t know, maybe it was my American accent, or my boyish charm; or maybe they had plans to cook and eat me. Who knows. The thing is, it is such a high honor, if you refuse the invitation, they WILL cook and eat you. So, I went one Sunday evening, hopping on my motorcycle and cruising out of the little town out to the vast New Zealand country side. I looked for the mile marker and scooted down the hidden driveway into the trees. Eventually, I came upon a vast, grassy clearing with little huts surrounding a central building. It was the center of the Marai. The lady who invited me came out to greet me, and we walked back inside her house.

Waiting for me was the most gorgeous creature I had ever seen: her daughter. Imagine the hottest Hawaiian surfer calendar girl, then multiply that by ten. The only problem: Girlfriend was 15 years old. Yikes. But as the evening went on and we gorged ourselves on roast pig, boiled potatoes, and steamed carrots, I could not help but gaze upon her. Just me, the old lady, and the fox. What had I stumbled into? Was this some kind of Shangri la, or a nightmare fantasy? We finished our supper and moved to the couch for some telly, with the daughter sitting between me and mum. I wanted to get with her right away, I must admit. But I was not about to break the law, or be cooked and eaten by the tribe.

Suddenly, the young one whips out a joint. “Would you like to?” she asks casually. I was thinking that I would like to do a lot of things, but I carefully looked to the mother, who surprisingly gave her nod of approval. We lit up and passed it around for a few minutes, and then relaxed further into the cushions to watch the shows. Now, one thing about smoking the killer ganja – I get extremely horny. I mean, I have to do something to relieve my tension or I will explode. Needless to say, there was nothing I could do in this situation. Strangely, though, my urges soon sunk into deeper feelings of something. Actually, nothing. That is, I became completely without thought, the ability to speak, or feel. It was as if I had been put onto a bed of cotton and sealed in a glass jar. I vaguely remember them looking at me and their lips moving, but I had nothing to say. At one point, I mustered the mental capacity to excuse myself and make it to my motorcycle. Fittingly, a thick fog had settled in, which made for the most interesting ride of my life back to my motel.


Why is marijuana illegal


This question gets asked every single day from regions all over the world. Many people who smoke and enjoy marijuana can be confused as to why it is illegal, they may know people who have used the plant for over ten years on a daily basis, with no addiction or damage to their body. While this is happening, other people are out there using horrible products such as nicotine and tobacco, doing permanent damage that often leads to fatal results.

How can it be that we are not given legal access to a natural herb that has been documented to be used in human life for 1000’s of years?

Is it a conspiracy that weed is illegal? Or is the old time excuse that “we don’t know enough about it” really true? More and more health benefits are coming to the light, and with states in the USA and Uruguay legalizing the herb, could it be that we have been lied to for years and years? From clothes to fuel, marijuanas sister plant ‘hemp’ can provide all. Give the video below a watch and see for yourself.

After viewing the YouTube video I recommend that you take to google and put in a few hemp related searches, there is limitless information you can access, all free of charge. Now go, go spread the word that hemp will save our planet!

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